Sunday, September 23, 2012

C4T #1

The blog that I am assigned to is titled Manaiakalani. She is from New Zealand and the facilitator of Manaikalani Cluster Schools. The main purpose of Manaikalani is get children in the classrooms in touch with technology and assist them in speaking good English.

The first post that I read on Manaikalani's page was titled "Agents of Change". She had a video about the technology she has introduced her students to. I commented on that post telling her what a great job she is doing and how I look forward to viewing future posts on her blog.

The next post she had on her blog was titled, "Partnership Hui". It was also a video. The video described the events held on their first annual Hui. On this day they got together to discuss what will be occurring in the future of Manaiakalani. I commented on this post and told her she was still doing a great job. I also introduced myself this time. I made the mistake in my last post of leaving that out.

Here is a link to Manaikalani's blog:

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