Thursday, October 4, 2012

C4K Posts for September

The blog that I am assigned to for C4K #1 is The boy to whom it belongs to is Christopher. He is in Ms. Ouano's fifth grade class at the PT England School in Auckland, N.Z. His first post was about whales.

I commented on his post. First, I introduced myself and gave him compliments on his decorated background that he appeared to design himself. I found it very interesting that he said "Whales are not fish because the mother gives milk to its calf." I told him that I did not know that and was very impressed with the statement. I added at the end, "Keep up the good work, Christopher!"

The blog that I was assigned to for C4K #2 is The girl's name is Charlee. On this post, she had an informational video about Nadia Comaneci, the Olympic gymnast.

When I commented on her blog, I introduced myself to her, then complimented her name and the way she spells it. I told her it was very pretty. I also said that her blog was very interesting and colorful. I mentioned that her gymnastics video was very cute and it looked like they enjoyed making it.

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