Friday, October 19, 2012

C4T #2

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Watching the Curiosity Rover Landing With Friends on Twitter

I was assigned to Eric Langhorst's blog, The blog that I commented on was titled, Watching the Curiosity Rover Landing With Friends on Twitter. I found it very interesting, mostly, because I could completely relate. He discussed his experience while watching the Rover land on Mars this summer and how it was very enjoyable to see the people's reaction in the controlling room, but also, the reaction of the people viewing it on television and responding about it on Twitter. He made many great points throughout his post.

I had a rather long response to his post. I normally don't post with such great detail, but I had such a related experience that it was hard not to. I told him my story of night that I watched it, also. I expressed my views of Twitter and Facebook to him.

My Six Goals for the 2012/13 School Year

On my 2nd C4T I was also assigned to the previous blog mentioned. He did not have any more recent posts, so I went back to the previous one before the one that I had commented on.
In this post Eric mentioned his top 6 goals for this school year. They were (in order from 1-6): 1) Learn names of students quickly. 2) Reduce the amount of paper used in my classroom. 3) Connect my students with outside experts on regular basis. 4) Include contents of entire unit online. 5) Transform my iPad into my take home computer. 6) Work more efficiently, work smarter. He elaborated on each one.

I commented back and said that was a great idea. Once you have publicly written something out, it makes you want to strive harder to achieve it. My favorite of his goals was the first: Learn the names of the student quickly. I told him that I, too, am horrible with names and that once you achieve this goal, it will become very beneficial for you and your students.

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