Wednesday, November 7, 2012

C4K for November

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The C4K this week was very special! Dr. Vutulli and Dr. Santoli are on a trip in Ireland attending a the Ireland International Conference on Education. This is a great opportunity for them. I am assigned to comment specifically on the post, A Bit About Ireland. In this post, they discuss how they looked up information about the place before they left; that way they are informed about the culture around them. They talk about the religion, language and many interesting statistics, too!

I first, introduced myself to them. I told them I was very jealous of their trip! It would be an awesome place to visit. I said that I thought it was interesting that 90% of the religion for the residents in Ireland is Catholic. I stated that the information they gave was very informative and it was a smart decision to look up things about their culture before they left.

C4K #8

The title of my C4K #8 was Alberta is Awesome. The student that I was assigned to created something similar to a collage, but of videos, posters and images. It was really neat and I have never seen anything like this! On this post, the student was talking about the rocky mountain region of Alberta. They posted pictures of lions, goats, and bears; OH MY! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.)The video included information on a national park and all of the animals and other interesting things you can find there. She was very informative about natural resources, jobs and other interesting things about Alberta.

In my comment, I started off introducing myself to her. I told her my name and where I was from. I complimented her on the design of her blog and said that she did a good job. I told her that I found it interesting how she laid out all of the information in this post and that I was going to have to figure out how to do it myself. I told her that Alberta seemed like a beautiful place to live and that the pictures she chose for this post were very good. I told her to keep up the good work and good blogging!

C4K #9

The student to whom I was assigned to for C4K #9 is Brandon L. His last post is titled, Minecraft Steve’s Vengence part3 The Assassin. It sounded like he was describing a book that he is reading. In this post he talks about how the main character is attacked by some sort of familiar venom. He says that it is to be continued!

I first, introduced myself to Brandon. I told him that I was a student in Dr. Strange's course at the University of South Alabama. I told him that he made this story sound very interesting and I would like to check it out myself! He did a great job on his blogging and I was sure to tell him that, also. I told him to keep up the great work!

C4K #10

The student to who I am assigned to is Tiara and she is from Baldwin County High School and her blog is Tiara's blog listed 10 things that have to do with high school. Those were:
1.We will have a good day
2.BCHS Football team is great !
3.We will help you
4.The food is fantastic
5.We Will not have a test
6.You can put your head down.
7.You are my fav student
8.High school is better than the middle school.
9.I Love all my students.
10.The test is simple!

I responded and told Tiara that she is very positive about her school and to keep up the great work! She held a really positive viewpoint with all of her sentences. I also told her that I used to go to Faulkner State Community College right beside her high school, so I know exactly where that is!

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