Wednesday, November 14, 2012

C4T #4

Post #1: Old Favourites

 pink cardigan
The teacher to whom I am assigned for in C4T #5 is Henrietta Miller and her blog, Classroom Chronicles. In this post, Henrietta started off discussing how it is now time for her to retire her favorite shirt: a pink, waffle-threaded sweater that she bought years ago. She talks about how she is comfortable in it and wears it with many outfits. It is her go-to accessory. She then, compared it to teachers today. Mrs. Miller came across this concept when she went to grab it out of her closet and prepared herself to patch it up once more. She says that teachers are this way when it comes to learning new ways of teaching students. They get caught up in their same 'ole, same 'ole ways and just try to patch it up temporarily to work for what's in store today.

As I was reading this post, I was confused as to why I was assigned to this blog. I thought to myself, "Did Dr. Strange accidentally assign me to a fashion blog? That couldn't possibly be true..."; and it wasn't. As I kept reading I came across her comparison of today's teachers. I thought this was brilliant! I love that she was doing something so simple and typical, and found a way to bring it in to education's revolution. This is so true and so over-looked. Teachers assume that what has worked in the past will continue to work for them in the future. That is not the case. Education and technology are now merging together so we, as teachers, must combine these two things and merge them into our curriculum for the betterment of our student's education. Mrs. Miller closed her post with this quote, "If we teach today the way we were taught yesterday we aren't preparing students for today or tomorrow.".

Post #2: It's All About Relationships
image of heart in hands

In this post, Mrs. Miller is discussing where she got inspiration to to write a graduation speech for her students. She says that she was chatting with some other teachers and discussing where these "teacher gurus" get there knowledge from. While doing this, she realizes that she is her own "teacher guru" and after teaching for several years has come up with her own theories, realizations, and advice on teaching and for her students. If you want to read the speech she has written, go to her post here.

I commented on Mrs. Millers blog with the following statement: "Hello!
As mentioned before, I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I really love where you got the inspiration to write the speech from: yourself! It came from your heart and your many years of experience as a teacher. You know your girls better than anyone else does, so you know exactly what to tell them and prepare them for in this next milestone of their lives. You seem to be a wonderful and caring teacher! I look up to you as I am in the process of becoming one myself. You are very wise and I will save your blog to my bookmarks so I can check in and see what other words of wisdom you have to offer! Keep up the great work :)

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