Thursday, November 1, 2012

C4K for October

C4K #3

 image of student blogging
The blog to whom I was assigned for on C4K #3 is His name is Zach. It is his first year in high school at PWA. He said that he liked his new school much better than his old one for many reasons. He mentioned that the kids here aren't "psycho paranoid fools", which I found pretty humorous.

I complimented him on his new locker that he mentioned in his post. He said that it is a full sized one and he was excited about it. He also mentioned that he was glad his younger siblings did not go to his new school. I told him that I knew how he felt, because I have a younger sibling, also.

C4K #4

The blog to whom I was assigned for on C4K #4 is Her name is Shannon. The title of this post is Partnering to Make a Difference. Shannon briefly discusses a project on which she is partnered with a teacher. She says that she did very well on it, but she hopes that on her next project she can make it more enjoyable for others to watch.

On my comment, I first, introduced myself to her. I told her that she had a very interesting post and that I would love to learn more about the partnership. I also complimented her on setting goals for herself. I said that it is very important to do this, because it makes you push yourself and you end up accomplishing more than you ever knew you could do.

C4K #5

The blog to whom I was assigned for on C4K #5 is He refers to himself as "Jazzy". This was his first blog post. He was informing all of his readers about himself. He said that he played hockey and soccer and that his favorite subject is math.

When I commented on Jazzy's blog, I first, introduced myself. After that, I told him that I was jealous at the fact that they have hockey teams in Canada. I said that we do not have hockey teams in Mobile. I also told him to keep up the good work!

C4K #6

The blog to whom I was assigned for C4K #6 is a girl named Katie in Mrs. Peterson's 7th grade class. Here is a link to Katie's blog: . In Katie's post, "Hello World", she briefly introduces herself by talking about some of her favorite things to do, to read, to listen to and more. At the end of this post she says that she wants to be an astronomer when she grows up. Katie's blog is very creative.

In my response to Katie's post I started off by introducing myself to her. I told her that we have a lot in common. Her favorite book was The Hunger Games Trilogy. I said that I have read the books myself and that they are very enjoyable, as well as the movie! I complimented her on aspiring to be an astronomer. I told her that I enjoyed looking at the stars and learning about the planets too. I complimented her on her blog. I told her that it was very creative and she picked out a pretty background.

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